Travel Trailers & 5th Wheels - Rentals provided by CALIFORNIA RV RENTALS
For those who wish to tow their own, we provide a wide variety of trailers and floor plans for your convenience. Just as the motorhomes, the trailers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized inside and out. Your vehicle’s tow rating and wiring will determine the size of trailer available for rent.  Feel free to call 209-523-2131 for details. (5th Wheels are for delivered rentals only)

Before pickup, each unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized inside and out. The propane tank is topped off and refrigerator turned on 24 hours before pickup.  Each renter will get a complete orientation in the use and care of the travel trailer they will be using.  For our renters safety a full inspection is completed to insure proper hook-up.

Travel Trailers - Travel Trailer rentals thru California RV Rentals
 18'  Wilderness W397

25' Prowler

 26' Layton L179

 24' Jayco

P139 L180
26' Prowler P139  27' Layton L180 
D003 S630
29' Dutchman D003  28' Sportsman S630
35' Mallard M762